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Work hand to hand with communty and help them by using the % of our income.We have established this company not only to provide employment and opportunities for ourselves, but to give opportunities…

43 anos, Masculino
All atractions in Tanzania
Moshi, Tanzânia
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  • Mreshe
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  • Marangu
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Full name: stratton Ngoti
Job title: Operation Manager
Interests: Travelling, making friends, watching soccer, networking
Best thing about Golden Tours:
I am very proud to have been a brain behind the start of Golden Tours and of course to see its steady growth and success, our unique approach of making sure our clients get a chance of meeting local people and be part of home stay experience makes me feel very special, our strong team of office staff and tour guides with dedicat
I wellcome all to see it yourself.
Do not hear from others
Any thing concerning.
1.wildlife safari to all Nationaparks of Tanzania
2.Cultural tourism
4.motor bike in the villages and arround Moshi
6.Honey moon packages
9.Community challenges
N.TP Moshi,KilimanjaroTanzania