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I have always been inspired by the words of Marcel Proust "THE REAL VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY CONSISTS NOT IN SEEKING NEW LANDSCAPES, BUT IN HAVING NEW EYES.” I enjoy travelling as I believe that two…

29 anos, Masculino, único
Freelance Outdoor Travels Organiser
Nairobi, Quénia
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I'm an adventurous guy who likes outdoors alot. I always find a reason to travel just to enjoy the scenaries and if for one reason or another I don't have the funds, you will find me sitting outside just enjoying the birds or the Sunset. Nature is my LOVE I have mainly travelled across Kenya, as I believe you have to love your country to appreciate the others. I have travelled to the coastal region of Kenya, the Turkana region, but my favourite site is the blue cool waters of Ngare ndare forest in Nanyuki I enjoy someone who is open to new definations of fun and ready to try out new foods, adventures and activities. Someone who welcomes adventure and always asks questions when they dont understand.
Inglês, Swahili