David's Referências

Nós recomendamos que você escrever uma referência independente ou se você gostou ou não da viagem. Isso vai ajudar a todos em escolher suas promoções e ofertas. Irá também ajudar os provedores na melhoria de seus serviços.
  • De Elize Coetzee Positivo I have toured with Namibia self-Drive Tours and Safaris on 2 occasions. I can confirm that is was very well organized and real value for money. I will recommend to anybody that would like to tour Namibia or Botswana.
  • De Koene Positivo I organize every year a paramotor trip for about 6 friends. In 2012, I went looking for a Travel Organisation and a guide who would accompany us and support us for an unusual adventure in Namibia. No luxury but pure adventure. After much searching and disappointments, I ended up at a South African travel agency which had recommended the tour guide Nico "Sasendle Adventure". This immediately proved to be the appropriate man to work with. He delivered us a unique trip just because…
  • De Ivanseynhaeve Positivo We went for a 3 week paramotor trip with David as our guide. Best guide you can imagine for a great adventure !!!! Namibia and South Africa are his homelands ! Thanks David for the great 3 weeks !!!!!!! Best Regard, Ivan