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Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
1 ano atrás em El Salvador, Huehuetenango, Guatemala
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Quetzaltenango, Guatemala ... if you want to visit this country feel welcome ... as a friend, a student, a visitor, a tourist, a buisness person , ... you will never regret it ! Owner of ADRENALINA TOURS rainforest alliance verified sept.2010
Skype ....patrick.eric.vercoutere
It organizes daily shuttles.
to areas for hiking and trekking, cultural tours in indigenous villages, walking city tours, or to the tours of the cemetery and beer factory.
The company also has offices in Panajachel, Antigua, Coban and Flores to make it easier for you to make a complete customized itinerary for Guatemala. The operations are NOT limited to Quetzaltenango. 13 Av 4-25 zone 1 Inside Pasaje Enriquez Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
(502) 53085106
Espanhol, Francês, Holandês, Inglês

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  • Adrenalina JS
    It was excellent. Must admit being a bit apprehensive re visiting Guatemala after reading so much negative things re safety but it was fine. Your Antigua office arranged pickup for us at the Holiday…
    - Adrenalina JS, Positivo