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57 anos, Feminino
Owner of Travel Agency
Detroit, Estados Unidos
2 anos atrás em Naperville, Illinois, United States
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I am an adventure traveler. I'm a lover of Spa Services and ways to stay feeling and looking my best naturally. I keep my luggage packed for travel. I never let an opportunity to experience life pass me by. I am a Foodie. I love to Cook and Savor a great meal. Memories of my vacations are interwoven with the unique culinary choices it provided. Michigan is a wonderful place to live. It offers diverse destinations within just a few hours’ drive of one another. A weekend in Downtown Detroit include a trip to the Detroit Institute of Art. and Historical Museum. The wonderful Shops and boutiques are chalked full of unique artisan quality pieces. Silver Lake Dunes is a favorite getaway. Just a wonderful site to enjoy friends and family. Traverse City and a drive to Bay Shore Inn can make me feel rejuvenated in a matter of one weekend. Hawaii! Just speaking the word for me provides peace. “Ha” Is the Breathe, The first breathe, the breathe of life. “Wai”- Is the living water, this is vital to everything on earth. “I”- pronounced “e”. Is the concept of a supreme God. A oneness with the Creator. I enjoy Travelers. I enjoy Romance Travel, Group Travel, First time travelers.
The ability to provide the first travel experience and set the expectation of travel for the rest of someone life is an incredible job to have.
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