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Do what you Absolutely Must do, Not necessarily what you Think you Have to do. Currently raising funds to open a Filipino Bistro

33 anos, Feminino, Em um relacionamento
Business Owner
Halifax, Canadá
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Eu marquei 3 Países!
Estou interessado em meet travel companions, albergues para viajantes, mostrar minha cidade, compartilhar conselho, alojamento compartilhar, rideshare, refeições e atividades.

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A multi-faceted, and multi-talented woman of the world.

-Able to cook and sew masterpieces with the flick of a wrist.

-Highly Skilled in the arts of Hunting & Gathering.

-Fiercely loyal, yet staunchly independent.

-Shell-Scarred, but Soul-Solid.

A Born Warrior
Hitch Hiking across Canada
Travelling halfway around the world to meet my husband
I love seeing new things, I love adventure.
New cultures are interesting.
Adventurous, whimsical, spiritual creatures. Tarot deck
Dream Journal