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Travelling is one of the best way to know and discover oneself also i wanna explore life & nature.I love meeting new faces and learn diverse culture.Lastly travelling gives us experience,teach to be f…

20 anos, Feminino
Students and explorer
Assam Karbi Anglong
2 mêss atrás
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Estou interessado em meet travel companions, mostrar minha cidade, compartilhar conselho, encontre um guia turístico ou um pacote, alojamento compartilhar, rideshare, refeições e atividades.

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Want To Go17 lugares, 4 visitas
  • Little England
  • Vaticano
  • Aldeia de Povo coreana
  • Vila japonesa
  • Califórnia
  • Maldivas
  • Jeju Province
  • Holanda
  • Busan
Have Been Here8 lugares, 2 visitas
  • Agra
  • Nova Délhi
  • Meghalaya
  • Mizoram
  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • Kokkari Bellur
  • Velha Goa
  • Goa

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I am very adventurous and funny type,frank enough to speak to any strangers.I am someone who love talking silly and laugh out loud with 32 teeth and conservative when it comes to privacy.I love hanging out with friends and meeting foreign friends. I have been to a neighbour state Mizoram,there i meet new faces from various backgroud especially a girl from England,it was a new phase of life that aware me more of being alive.I was able to explore nature,community of the Mizos dish and culture. I travel because like the different land form,culture,phases of the Earth i discover the various side of me.Sometimes travelling becomes the raw materials for my articles and poem.I recently decided to be a blogger from next journey,learn cooking. I enjoy people who talks about life,film,places,business and also who loves gardening,cooking.I would like to meet people who enjoys life to the fullest,music,playful,kind,honest and sincere and who loves travelling like me. I cant live without my phone when it comes to travelling because i have to capture every moment and the people i meet with. Coreano, Hindi, Inglês