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I have been working in travel for 50 years and have a passion for travel. It is a passion I like to share with my clients. I established Concorde Travel 35 years ago in Hong Kong and…

74 anos, Masculino
Travel Consultant
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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I have been a Travel Consultant for 50 years. My particular passion is collecting interesting places to stay. Look at I love giving travel advice based on my own experiences. Feel free to contact me. Hong Kong's islands are among the most beautiful in the world. I live on one of them, Cheung Chau, famous for its annual Bun Festival. China, next door, needs no introduction. It's modern-ness is staggering, its ancient-ness and scenic beauty unsurpassed. If you are planning a trip to this part of the world, or anywhere else for that matter, contact us here in Hong Kong. We can assist with everything including China visas, rail travel and hotels. Look at for ideas. Adventurous people. 7th Floor, Galuxe Building, 8-10 On Lan Street, Central, HONG KONG
(852) 2526 3391

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