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"If the Dreams Are Big Enough The Facts Don't Count" "Potential Unexpressed turns to Pain"

Masculino, Casado
Toronto, Canadá
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Hi I am Brian Dinelli.An Eccentric, Energetic, Electrifying Individual. I love to live life to the fullest. I do not go through one day without making someone smile & laugh. "Where Dreams Become A Reality." ASK ME HOW

Eccentric, Electrifying & Energetic Individual who strives for the Best in Life. Love to Help Individuals Grow themselves.
I have been to many places but nothing compares to my long term stays and living in Argentina & Uruguay. The social life, the people, the food. From getting VIP treatment because I look like John Malkovich to having dinner with dignitaries. Its my profession and my passion. I live & breath cultures. I enjoy meeting people that like to travel to South america, hiking, hunting, fishing, shopping, wine tours and etc. Ipad and internet... Espanhol, Inglês