New Exploration - Snapshot & Batur Sunrise

Daily Batur Caldera Snapshot 4 hours $ 30 pick up at the hotel and back to the hotel inToya Bungkah
Mount Batur 8°14′31.2″S 115°22′30″E Coordinates: 8°14′31.2″S 115°22′30″E Bali Indonesia. Indonesian archipelagos are the most interesting world’s volcanic territorial; Java is the most beautiful tropical island; Bali emerged from Sub-marine volcanic eruption 3m years ago.

From 155 active volcanoes in Indonesia twenty of them are currently active in Java and Bali, Java and Bali have volcanically active, two of them are active in Bali; the classical shape Mt. Agung and the dramatic shape Batur Caldera. Batur is the finest and the most beautiful Caldera in the world (Van Bemmelen 1970, in the center of the caldera is Mount Batur 1717 m ASL, one of the active volcanic cones emerged from the center of double concentric caldera.

The South East of the outer 10×13 km caldera existed Lake Batur 16 km2. The inner 7.5-kilometer-wide caldera formed during emplacement of the south Bali lahar-ignimbrite, has been dated at about 23,670 and 28,500 years ago to the Southwest around Tanah Lot.

Another view of the strato-volcano collapsed; the outer caldera was formed during the explosion of 29,100 years for the outer caldera and 21,100 years ago for the inner caldera. The first historical eruption dated Mt. Batur was in 1804 from the main crater, and other small craters also formed within the time and have been frequently active during 1849, 1888, 1917, 1963, 1968, and 1974 to the last 1999-2000. The most devastated earth quick on Mount Batur was in 1917 killed over 1500 people and destroyed tens of villages.

You are here for the Batur Caldera Snapshot
Batur caldera snapshot is a new type of Batur Caldera Exploration to the hidden corners of the Batur caldera valleys; this half day adventure is regularly starting from and back to Toya Bungkah, we also serve for those who are staying at other places in parts of Bali. You are picked up at your hotel, your guide and vehicle driver will execute your entire trips such as our duty to assist you:

Pura Ulun Danu (Temple of God of Water Sources)
By 04:30 all participant have to be ready and departure the sunrise view point on the Eastern side of the Batur Caldera, the trip via (Ulun Danu Temples) The first visit before continuing to the other places, the temple’s shrines are localized on the over side of Lake Batur on the North Eastern of the caldera, this temple is dedicated and functioning to worship God of Water (Dewi Danu),

Batur Caldera sunrise view to the point
Your will be arrived at 06:00 on the next destination caldera view point, the most magnificent sunrise; (the largest village in the inner part of Batur Caldera is Songan which is stunningly great views from the caldera rim. The caldera is a volcanic type 13x9 km in diameter, this huge caldera contains Mount Batur (active volcano and Lake Batur in the epi-center, the view from the caldera lateral in the morning is spectacularly beautiful with sunrise. After watching the sunrise and the stunning surrounding the caldera, your guide preparing your destination to the next opportunity of view points ( Pura Dalem Balingkang)

Belandingan village & Munduk Lantang Deltaic View Points
Before witnessing both Dalem Balingkang and Penulisan temples, your are guided into the ridge of the inner caldera which was formed on the second explosion of the staro-volcano collapsed 19.100 years ago, after the first collapsing the strato-volcano, about 29.100 years ago and formed 13 x 9 km named Batur Caldera, from here you are viewing spectacular views of the lake and the mountains, the Sea, the volcanoes and agricultural zones surrounding the caldera territorial, interestingly the dimension of this dramatic caldera is totally stunning similar views all around.

Pura Dalem Balingkang; King Jaya Pangus and Princes Kang Cing Wi
The word Balingkang derived from mythological terminology Bali for Bali and Kang for Kang Cing Wi (the Chinese princess of King Jaya Pangus who was in power of Dalem Balingkang on the 11 century.
King Jaya Pangus found Balingkan once he was avoiding the destruction of Panarajon when he was in Kuta Dalem near Penulisan Temple; He found a place called Jong Les forestry before it named Balinkang.

After the first Princess Dewi Danu disappeared, King Jaya Pangus was on meditation on Mount Batur, during his meditation Princess Dewi Danu emerged such pretty girl disturbing Jaya Pangus meditation and felt in love.

After long time he was not returning to Balingkang, the Prince Kang Cing Wi (the second princes worried and decided to meet Jaya Pangus on Mount Batur, but she fond Jaya Pangus felt in love with the girl. The anger of Kang Cing Wi caused Dewi Danu Angry and burn Jaya Pangus and Kang Cing Wi together in mortality. But an appeal by the Balingkang community to Dewi Danu approved to rebirth Jaya Pangus and Kang Cing Wi became Barung Landung (The Object of devoting in Balingkang Temple presently.
Jaya Pangus felt in love with the girl. The anger of Kang Cing Wi caused Dewi Danu Angry and burn Jaya Pangus and Kang Cing Wi togather. But appeal by the Balingkang community to Dewi Danu was approved to rebirth Jaya Pangus and Kang Cing Wi became Barung Landung (The Object of devoting in Balingkang Temple presently.

Penulisan (Tegeh Kauripan Temple)
Tegeh Kauripan is also called Panareajon and Penulisan. Before taking little walks on the black colored lava, your guide takes you to the Tegeh Kauripan Temple on the North West of the caldera rim; these temple entities are covered and mantled by prehistoric sculptures from previous Hindu devotees and the kingdom in the past centuries. The position and the altitudinal on this temple is on the hilltop 1442m above sea level, weather is cool here and the temple is surrounded stunning views of: Ocean, Volcano, Lake and Agricultural territorial almost all the destines.

Black Colored Volcanic Lava of Mount Batur is still worth to visit both for educational expedition and holiday
After visiting these village’s territorial; Songan, Belandingan and Pinggan, your next destination to the newest colored volcanic lava erupted from the younger cones of Mount Batur in 1963 which is emitted from the Batur cones between the bottom and the top of the volcano in 1963-1974, from here you are viewing several volcanic latest cones cinder cones which erupted and formed lastly in the year 1963-2000 also clearly found adjacent with the volcanic black lava field.

Trunyan (Bali Age village) is inhabited by Javanese Hindu Influences on 11 AD, Muslim into Indonesia occurs centuries ago.

Across the lake is Trunya (Bali Aga Village) driving to the other side of the Lake Batur shore on the lake side road to the village (Bali ;ga Village) the village is inhabited by the first Javanese Hindu emigrated to Bali on the 9th century originally from Java, their descendents also inhabited Bali on several hidden villages today, the temple with over (4 meter Dakonta stature) is part of tourist destination object. Cemetery (Turnyan), for the longer duration, from here you can also take a bout to their cemetery to witness the unburying dead body caused their custom on their cemetery. To get to the cemetery you must negotiate a boat from the communities in the village, this boat is excluded on our tour package price and not all guests want to get there.

Volcanic Substantial Lava Cave is also interesting for holiday visit
About 800 meters outside the town (Toya Bungkah) is a substantial volcanic lava cave which is lack stalagmite and stalactite to be the first visit on the tour, you could be entered the cave for short navigation with your local guide and witnessing how the volcanic lava emerged and formed from the eruptive volcanic tunnel. End the tour at 10:00 in Toya Bungkah.

O que está incluído?

• Air Conditioned Vehicle
• Expert from Batur Local Guide
• Breakfast
• Entrance fees to the temple
• Entrance to the lava field
• Entrance to the Bali Age Village
• Lunch
• Hot Spring Healing Bath in both hot and cold swimming pool.


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Batur Caldera Sunrise, Ulun Danu Water Temple, Belandingan Village, Pinggan Village, Pura Balingkang, Pura Penulisa (Temple), Black lava filed short walking, Trunya (Bali Age Village) volcanic lava cave. The trip is going around the caldera.
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Batur Caldera Exploration is an incarnation of indigenous Bali Trekking Specialist in Indonesia which belt up in the year of 2000 by couples of mountain experts, enhance we designed it to display the widespread tourist destination opportunities & enriching our excursion knowledge, it’s actualized to provide the tour requirements all over the World; we are eager to uplift tourism industry with our professionals, due to our clients are in the prestigious position respectively, we are ready to assist you: Greeting is our prime welcome, hospitality is our prominence service & professionalism is our expert’s background. We aware to negative issue to keep remaining the tourism condition & telling people especially our agents all updated information about Asia tourist destination constantly to ensure everyone is on their service right, we believe our agents overseas need current information regarding to the tourist destination availability. We are not absconding from our responsibility and accountability though in the current business lack wise attitudes is indeed happening today; pseudonymous is popular type of online business out regulation policy which confuses your mind in finding your real way to travel. We assure you to eradicate bad issues regarding to our travel destination by introspecting every steps of our services, we welcome your critic, review & comments to our services.

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