The only way is up in La Palma a small island with a very big heart. This fascinating full-day tour will take you to the very core of the isle, its emblematic volcanic caldera, almost 2,500 metres above sea level. The climb is breathtaking,…

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€ 23
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Natural North / Rainforest
Picking out one area over any other in an island as beautiful as La Palma seems almost sacrilegious – but the natural north deserves its place in the sun. Expect spectacular scenery, lush landscape, verdant valleys and picturesque hamlets…
por apenas: € 17
Catamaran Fancy 2 - Ticket only
Enjoy a special day out at sea in this excursion for all the family. Have the time of your life aboard this sleek catamaran with submarine vision. Enjoy stunning views of the coastline of La Palma and keep your eyes peeled - if you’re lucky you may…
por apenas: € 27
Southern fascinating
Explore the breathtaking landsacpes of the southern half of La Palma in this full day excursion by luxury air-conditioned bus. Vist the spiritual centre of the island and learn all about traditional crafts. Marvel at the spectacular Caldera de…
por apenas: € 21
National Park Caldera de Taburiente hiking tour
The Caldera de Taburiente is one of the largest erosion craters in the world. The interior of the Caldera is a natural paradise where you'll find rushing streams, waterfalls, emerald green meadows and wide variety of plants with a stunning display…
por apenas: € 26
Volcano route hiking tour
The Volcano Route has to be one of the most spectacular excursions anywhere on earth. You'll walk along the very spine of La Palma with incredible views down to both sides of the island from a range of 2000m high volcanic mountains The Cumbre Vieja…
por apenas: € 24
Rainforest hiking tour - world biosphere reserve
Take a step back in time and explore the temperate cloud forest of El Cuba de La Galga, surely one of the most exotic environments on La Palma. Stroll through dense laurel and giant fern forests, perhaps the most lovely and spectacular in the…
por apenas: € 24
Lava,wine & tapas hiking tour
Much of La Palma's volcanic interior is only accessible foot. The whole island is criss-crossed by a network of footpaths, tracks and drovers' roads, once used by local people for travelling and carrying their wares from one place to another before…
por apenas: € 24
Roof of the island / Roque de los muchachos hiking tour
Our route starts at Pico de la Cruz (2351 metres), running over the mountains to Roque de Los Muchachos. Prepare yourself for the breathtaking sight of cliffs plunging down to the floor of the Caldera de Taburiente 1000m below. The rim of…
por apenas: € 24
Dreampaths hikingtour
The Northwest of La Palma is a walker’s paradise, with its idyllic countryside and sleepy villages. On this guided six-kilometre walk, we'll take the Dream Paths route, starting from the charming village of Las Tricias. Follow ancient stone tracks,…
por apenas: € 24
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